Nothing will do as much to improve your photography or film-making as using a good tripod.  We supply a range of camera tripods & supports from Manfrotto, Seceed, Harison, E-Image, Simpex and others.


Whether you want the smallest, lightest camera support to carry with you at all times for your camcorder, or the tallest, sturdiest piece of equipment for a full-scale camera rig, Manfrotto has the answer.

Harison Tripod

Harison Video Tripods combines professional features with intuitive designs that are durable, yet extremely light-weight and portable. Their fluid video heads give you extremely smooth pan and tilt movements.


With a versatile fluid head and professional aluminum alloy or carbon fiber tripod, E-IMAGE Video tripod kits are suitable for various types of applications, be it News or Event videography.


Seceed’s improved drag system enhances smoothness of head movement, matching the quality of most famous brands. In addition, graded drag adjustment ensure fast change of tilt and pan drag. Step-type counterbalance system help operator to balance the camera.


Nothing ruins a good video like too much camera shake. And the best way to prevent shaking in your moving shots is with a camera stabilizer. Their mobility, small footprint, speed and versatility make them work for any project.


A Slider is a fantastic tool for producing silky smooth professional camera tracking movements. High quality videos can be created without over extending your budget.