Solutions for Live Production

Whether it’s for Broadcasting, Live Events, Theatre Productions, Conferences, Weddings, Sports, Spiritual Programs or Media Education, we have a switcher for it.  See our selection of high quality switchers below, and choose one that fits your needs best.


Datavideo Switchers are some of the easiest to use switching tools available today. Though economical in cost, they are coupled with professional features and are sure to be a valuable member of your production setup.


Roland’s All-in-One Video mixers give you quality video performance and web streaming with HDMI in/out, progressive internal processing, audio embedding, USB streaming and built-in touch monitor.


ATEM – the world’s most advanced production switchers, support SD, HD or Ultra HD video standards allowing you to create stunning multi camera live productions with a wide range of video sources.


Powerful yet versatile, the Panasonic HMX100 switcher seamlessly integrates into your facility and is perfect for event and production environments. This affordable highly versatile unit integrates a HD/SD video switcher, audio mixer, MultiViewer and control panel in a single, compact unit.

Datavideo ITC-100

In the production studio, good communication between the director, cameramen and control room is essential. The Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom System provides 8-channel talkback and tally indicators. The director can select to talk to an individual channel or to all channels simultaneously.

Television Studio

HyperDeck recorders let you record the highest quality uncompressed or compressed video formats using fast 2.5″ SSDs. You can mount the SSD on any computer to access your files, so you can work with your media directly without copying the files. There are three HyperDeck models to choose from depending on your budget and what video formats you need to work with.