Professional broadcast quality HD video cameras are our principal sales product.  Digital Magic supplies a broad range of High Definition (HD) cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Blackmagic Design, Canon and Nikon. These range from small action cameras, handycams and ENG style cameras to large sensor Cinema cameras, DSLRs, Camera Drones and more, to suit every need and budget.

Panasonic V-770

If you are new to video filming or want a camcorder that is lightweight, easy to use and yet has some professional features, then there is a range of models for you to choose from. Here you will find compact camcorders ideal for web-based video, journalism and travel.


If you are looking for a professional camcorder with full manual control, this section contains the camcorders that are ideal for corporate & documentary films, wedding & event videography. These camcorders are also suitable for Electronic News Gathering.

Blackmagic Production 4K

If you are looking for a film-look on a low budget, then these large sensor camcorders are the right choice. Excellent low-light sensitivity, highly controllable depth of field and the flexibility of interchangeable lenses make them ideal for short film making and commercial productions.

Blackmagic URSA

Getting the film-look for broadcast and projection has never been more affordable. This section contains large sensor camcorders designed for broadcast, commercial, drama and cinema productions.

Panasonic HC-X1000

These cameras will record in 4K resolution which is four times the resolution of HD, great for producing content for cinema and high end televisions.

Sony MC-1500

For maximum comfort and stability, the traditional Shoulder Mounted Camcorder is ideal. These low-budget camcorders are suitable for event and wedding video productions.

Canon 5D

Video-capable DSLR cameras are useful tools for both stills and video. Large sensors offer excellent low-light sensitivity and highly controllable depth of field. Ideal for still photography, video or as a second camera to complement your professional video production kit.

Sony A7S

Mirrorless cameras are designed to have the advantage of smaller size, lighter weight, and lower cost than DSLRs. Some DSLMs deliver video quality that surpasses many professional video cameras.



Small, rugged and compact, Point Of View Camcorders are perfect for getting the shots that ordinary camcorders can’t get to. Ideal for extreme sports, mounting on cars, helmets and much more.